Racine Park Girls Basketball
1998-99 Sophomore Team

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Sophomore Team Picture

Sophomore Team Names

Row one (Sitting) Left to Right: Tasia Collier, Elicia Scaife.
Row two (Kneeling) Left to Right: Manager Regina Payne, Sicarra Farris, Shannon McClelland, Melissa Hargrove, Cherika Showers, Becca Eldridge, Ashlee Sorenson, Manager Stacey Russell.
Row three (Standing) Left to Right: Coach Joe Golden, Coach Sara Tajnai, Michelle Johnson, Tina Geisler, LaSheena Scott, Danielle Bahr, Daisy Christman, Coach Jeff Fidler.

Number Last Name First Name Position Height Year
14 Sorenson Ashlee Guard 5'2 Sophomore
15 Eldridge Becca Guard 5'6 Sophomore
20 Bahr Danielle Center 5'8 Sophomore
22 Farris Sicarra Guard 5'7 Freshman
24 Showers Cherika Forward 5'6 Freshman
30 Scaife Elicia Guard 5'5 Freshman
32 Geisler Tina Forward 5'9 Sophomore
33 Collier Tasia Guard 5'2 Freshman
34 McClelland Shannon Forward 5'9 Freshman
40 Hargrove Melissa Forward 5'8 Freshman
41 Johnson Michelle Center 5'10 Sophomore
43 Scott LaSheena Center 5'11 Sophomore
45 Christman Daisy Forward 5'9 Sophomore

Hook's Headlines

Issue III

The 1998-99 edition of Sophomore Girls' Basketball at Park High School is now complete.

The girls suffered their first (and only) defeat on Tuesday, February 16, 1999 at Muskego. The girls played hard but a combination of poor shooting, injuries, and most of all the play of a very good Muskego team, proved to be too much to overcome. Final score Muskego 55 - Park 40.

The girls bounced back on Friday, February 19, 1999 with a 64 - 44 win over Oak Creek. As a result, the girls completed a 19 win - 1 loss season, and tied Muskego for the best record in the conference.

It is my opinion that if this group of kids stay focused and continue to improve, there could be another "State Championship" on the horizon.

However, remember this - "Teams Win Basketball Championships, not individuals."

Issue II

On Tuesday evening, January 26, 1999, the Park Sophomore Girls' Basketball Team defeated a pretty good Oak Creek team by a score of 62 - 20. In doing so, they may have played their best half of basketball by holding Oak Creek to 7 points in the first half. This win runs their record to 12 - 0 with a road game coming up against South Milwaukee on Friday, January 29, 1999.

The fact the girls have remained undefeated to this point in the season boggles my mind given the fact that we:

Don't - shoot very well
Don't - rebound very well
Don't - pass very well

However, what they do have is a lot of heart and an unwillingness to lose - which was never more evident than their comeback win against Muskego in which they were down by 16 points at half-time and went on to win by 10 points.

Highlights - The improvement of LaSheena Scott and the steady play of Shannon McClelland and Cherika Showers.

Issue I

Welcome to Park Sophomore Girls' Basketball 1998-99. We are very fortunate this year to be blessed with a talented group of Freshman players along with a good group of returning Sophomores

We have started the season with three straight victories and although the play has been ragged at times, we do see improvement on the horizon.

Our team has been lead defensively by the two "Mice", Mighty Mouse #1 - Elicia Scaife and Mighty Mouse #2 - Tasia Collier. Offensively, Melissa Hargrove and Tina Geisler have lead the way.

We have four games remaining before the Christmas break and each one will be tougher than the one before. We will let you know how we did in January's edition.

By the way, if you are interested in coaching Sophomore Girls' Basketball and are unsure of whether or not you are up to the task; get in a plane, fly up to 3000 feet, jump out, and don't open your parachute. If you survive, you're ready to go.