Racine Park Girls Basketball
Past WBCA All Star Players

gwen pict
Gwen York Trussel - Class of 1987, 6th in career scoring with 751 points, 7th in career rebounds with 450 rebounds, 9th in career assists with 195 assists, 7th in career steals with 266 steals, 13th in career fieldgoal % with 40%, 9th in career freethrow % with 59%.
jody pict
Jody Landish - Class of 1991, currently teaches and coaches at Wilmot, WI; 10th in career scoring with 668 points, 17th in career rebounds with 307 rebounds, 6th in career assists with 238 assists, 9th in career steals with 227 steals, 3rd in career fieldgoal % with 51%, 2nd in career freethrow % with 64% - career scoring leader at UW-Whitewater with 1377 points.
keisha pict
Keisha Anderson - Class of 1992; currently plays for the (click on) Charlotte Sting in the WNBA; 2nd in career scoring with 1496 points, 4th in career rebounds with 625 rebounds, 1st in career assists with 511 assists, 1st in career steals with 591 steals, 5th in career fieldgoal % with 48%, 12th in career freethrow % with 56%, UW-Madison career leader in steals with 327 steals and career leader in assists with 471 assists, WBCA/Kodak All-American.
diane pict
Diane Malone - Class of 1995, 12th in career scoring with 598 points, 14th in career rebounds with 339 rebounds, 2nd in career assists with 307 assists, 10th in career steals with 223 steals, 19th in career fieldgoal % with 38%, 4th in career freethrow % with 63%, State Tournament record leader for best 3 point field goal percentage in one game - 1995 State Tournament Quarter Final vs Milwaukee Washington .800 (4 of 5).
kiesha pict
Kiesha Oliver - Class of 1996; graduated from (click on)Marquette University, 3rd in career scoring with 1356 points, 3rd in career rebounds with 737 rebounds, 4th in career assists with 281 assists, 6th in career steals with 305 steals, 11th in career fieldgoal % with 42%, 7th in career freethrow % with 62%.
tonya pict
LaTonya Sims - Class of 1997; played 4 years at the (click on)University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1st in career scoring with 2005 points, 1st in career rebounds with 1082 rebounds, 3rd in career assists with 289 assists, 5th in career steals with 309 steals, 2nd in career fieldgoal % with 54%, 15th in career freethrow % with 55%.

Amy Zelinger - Class of 1998; currently plays for (click on)University of Wisconsin - Stout, 14th in career scoring with 567 points, 8th in career rebounds with 418 rebounds, 19th in career assists with 127 assists, 8th in career steals with 260 steals, 17th in career fieldgoal % with 39%, 1st in career freethrow % with 69%.

Julie Christensen - Class of 1999; currently plays for (click on) Wisconsin Lutheran College, 5th in career scoring with 884 points, 13th in career rebounds with 375 rebounds, 5th in career assists with 266 assists, 8th in career steals with 269 steals, 15 in career fieldgoal % with 42%, 2nd in career freethrow % with 68%.

Krisey Sanders - Class of 1999; currently plays for (click on) Chicago State, 7th in career scoring with 797 points, 10th in career rebounds with 398 rebounds, 6th in career assists with 259 assists, 4th in career steals with 335 steals, 7th in career fieldgoal % with 46%, 24th in career freethrow % with 53%.

Allisia Stewart - Class of 2000; currently plays for (click on) Bemidji State University, 22rd in career scoring with 360 points, 23rd in career rebounds with 255 rebounds after transferring to Park following freshman year and then missing a year and a half to a knee injury. Finished 6th in career fieldgoal % with 46% and 10th in career freethrow % with 58%.

Sharelle Stewart - class of 2001; more information to come.